Things that elk don’t want you to do

Things that elk don’t want you to do

Practice shooting.

Get good quality sleep.

Practice calling.

Train every day.

Analyze maps and terrain.

Static stretch.

Sharpen your broadheads.

Eat nutrient-dense foods.

Be willing to walk far.

Find ways to defeat stress and anxiety.

Because that would mean, you would be fully energized, fit, mentally sound, feel extremely prepared, alert, and capable of taking on the demands of the elk country.

In other words, you would be a super hunter.

This means you will have a greater chance of obtaining that nutrient-dense meat they possess.

Not only raise the odds of harvesting an elk, but also you put yourself in a position to experience more elk hunting in life because you have better health.

So, you should probably do what the elk don’t want you to do.

I am going to. I think you should too.

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