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Camo & Wind in the Media

CEO and Founder of Miss Pursuit Carly Brasseux, compiled some of the best gift ideas for women who love the outdoors. Your Hunting Healthspan made the list!

Jana Waller is the Host and Executive Producer Skull Bound TV – 9 years on Sportsmans Channel. Hunter, angler, skull artist & writer. She shares her thoughts on Your Hunting Healthspan.

Spartan Precision Equipment

A friend of Spartan Precision Equipment, named Linden Loren, recently published a book about this very subject titled, “Your Hunting Healthspan”. Inside, you will discover 73 ways to age better and prevent disease. I found this book gives hunters practical strategies to work on their entire physical and mental wellbeing. Wholistic and hunting are subjects not usually associated, but perhaps they should be? From his writing, our team of Spartans have pulled out three of the most beneficial physical exercises for backcountry hunters that will enable you to do what you love for longer.

Travis Glassman

Travis Glassman is a Christian, Father, Husband, and Bowhunter who shares his thoughts about Your Hunting Healthspan.

The Okayest Hunter

Linden Loren, the author of Your Hunting Healthspan: 73 Ways Hunters Can Age Better & Prevent Disease, joins the Okayest Hunter crew on this week’s podcast to chat about how we as hunters can increase the number of season openers we can participate in by increasing our healthspan.

The National Wild Turkey Federation

The National Wild Turkey Federation highlights the new book from Camo & Wind author, Linden Loren. Unlike typical how-to books on hunting, Loren goes beyond mere physical fitness advice and delves into the critical importance of mental wellness and external influences on overall health.

The Pineapple Brothers

Pineapple Brothers provide World-Class Guided Hunting Adventures on the beautiful island of Lanai. See their thoughts on the new book, Your Hunting Healthspan: 73 Ways Hunters Can Age Better & Prevent Disease.