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___ can make you age faster and hunt deer less

can make you age faster and hunt deer less

If you enjoy hunting deer and want to keep hunting for a long time, this is worth your time to give a quick read.

The title is not intended to scare you.

The title is intended to alert you and help you realize the connection between things that can negatively impact our physical and mental health and the amount of hunting we get to experience in the future.

In this case, deer hunting.

Ok, let’s dive into it so I can get you more years of hunting deer.

Recent literature has shown that adults who drank 12 oz of soda daily biologically aged 4.6 years faster compared to people of the same chronological age.

Let’s break this down.

We will start with what chronological age refers to.

Our chronological age is the number of years we have been on this planet.

It is your age number that increases by 1 each year.

For example, if you are 57 years of age this year, next year you will be 58.

Our chronological age is fixed and can’t be changed.

Well at least until time machines are invented.

Our chronological age is quite different than our biological age.

Our biological age is the age of our tissues/cells and how they function.

If this sounds too science-based, here is another way of putting it.

Our biological age is the age of our internal health.

This means, I may have a chronological age of 31, but my biological age (internal health) is 22.

How is this so?

You can have a chronological age of 63 but have a biological age of 47 simply by making better lifestyle choices consistently.

Things like, training, getting good quality sleep, controlling stress, eating nutrient-dense foods, getting outside, stretching, and so on.

These kinds of lifestyle choices will improve your internal health.

When your internal health improves, your internal body becomes younger. Aka you get to hunt deer for more years.

Having a younger biological age than chronological age is why you may see people who look/feel younger than their actual age (chronological).

But on the flip side, someone can also have an older biological age than their actual age (chronological). Aka they are aging faster.

It can happen by making very poor lifestyle choices.

Things like staying up late and not getting good sleep, drinking alcohol every day, eating packaged and processed foods, and in this context drinking soda daily.

Your chronological age stays on the same trajectory each year, increasing by one. But your biological age can be changed each year if you decide to become more self-disciplined in making better lifestyle choices.

This doesn’t mean you are perfect with every little lifestyle choice you make.

Maybe you have that ice cream shake every once in a while.

That’s ok!

It is when we have those ice cream shakes consistently that our internal health starts to break down and we age faster.

Now that you have a better idea of the different ages we have; you may be wondering how drinking soda daily can age us faster.

A few of the ways drinking soda ages us faster is by causing rapid spikes in our blood sugar and hormone imbalances due to how our body responds to it.

Rapid spikes in our blood sugar along with hormone imbalances puts the body at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, mood disorders, heart disease, sleeping issues, gut problems, raise anxiety levels, thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, and increase risk of developing depression.

All of which contribute to us aging faster.

That is a whole lot of reasons to consider an alternative drink over soda.

An alternative drink like:

  • Kefir
  • Bone broth
  • Filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt.

Finding an alternative drink over soda could be the reason you get to hunt more deer in the future.

Make no mistake though, soda isn’t the only sugary beverage to watch out for.

Other sugary and processed beverages can sneak up and degrade our health when we least expect it.

Such as sports drinks, vitamin waters, energy drinks, sweetened teas, protein drinks, coffee drinks with added flavoring, and fruit juices.

There is nothing wrong with an occasional drink or treat based on our goals, but not every day.

Consuming soda and processed beverages have proven to cultivate negative outcomes for our physical and mental health.

This is a big reason I think sugary beverages such as soda found in vending machines and food courts at hospitals and schools need to be eliminated.

Here is what needs to happen as soon as possible.

I need you to experiment with alternative drinks so you can decrease your soda consumption.

Drinking soda daily can make you age faster and hunt deer less.

Aging 4.6 years faster means not only less deer hunting but also less time spent with family and friends.

None of which sounds good to me.

Make the change now.

Drink less soda so you can have more years of hunting deer.

Your body, mind, and family will thank you.


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