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Youth Hunters and Success (Part 1)

Setting up the Next Generation of Hunters for-Success (Part 1)

These words are directed to new parents and or couples who are looking to conceive/adopt.

There are many ways to set up the next generation of hunters for a life filled with health and hunting opportunities.

One of those ways is how you communicate with one another.

I’m talking about the tone of voice and quality of words spoken to each other.

When babies sleep, they process the emotional tones of voices.

This means, that the tone of voice you use with each other near your child can impact them and their health.

If there is a positive tone of voice, and they are sleeping relatively close by, their bodies will respond well with joy and happiness.

If there is an angry tone of voice, and they are sleeping relatively close by, their bodies will potentially have increased levels of stress internally.

Over time with repeated exposures and stress responses, their future behavior could be altered as they age.

Such as becoming less able to control their emotions and more likely to become anxious.

All because there was anger expressed near them.

Luckily, since you are reading this, you won’t let that happen.

Instead, you and your significant other will communicate effectively with humility, accountability, reason, logic, and the understanding that whatever is causing your angry tone of voice is most likely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

When you are 97 years old, will you be thinking about what is making you angry?

If not, then remember this article next time you are tempted to express that angry tone voice-especially near your child.

We are given one life, let’s set up the next generation of hunters for success by being better at communicating with each other.

Your child and significant other will thank you.


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