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Driving long distances to your hunting destination and dark chocolate

Ever have to drive a far distance to get to your hunting destination?

Ever get tired because you are driving late into the night?

One of the things that I find fascinating is that by being strategic with what we consume, we can alleviate some of the tiredness we may feel.

One of those ways is by consuming dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains plant compounds that may counteract vascular impairment after sleep deprivation and restore working memory due to better blood flow and regulation of blood pressure.

Aka dark chocolate makes you feel not as tired!

To be able to consume food that can improve how our brain functions during a crucial time such as driving to our hunting destination, could be a better option than an energy drink for example that gives you premature fight or flight responses that age your heart.

My personal favorite is 90% Lindt dark chocolate.

In general, I would encourage you to aim for 80% dark chocolate or greater.

This ensures there are fewer unnecessary ingredients added to it.

To be honest, dark chocolate could help a lot of other people who could be battling sleep deprivation due to their profession or lifestyle.

People such as:

  • Parents
  • EMT
  • Pilot
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • Military
  • Nurses
  • Construction Workers
  • Business owners who travel frequently

So, open up a nice dark chocolate bar while you are on the road to your next hunt.

It may not have the golden ticket, but it may help you feel less tired so you can drive safer and feel more energized.


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